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Wednesday Morning Dubai Update

Dave, John and I are sitting just outside our gate in the Dubai airport awaiting our final flight to Ethiopia. It’s now 6:45 AM Dubai time (9:45 PM Eastern). We’ve been traveling for over 59 hours now, and we can certainly feel it!

We just refreshed ourselves with some Starbucks treats for breakfast before boarding. We been in this airport since 11:30 last night. We found a really great restaurant last night here called “The Hub” that served international cuisine. We ate in the typical Middle Eastern way, sitting on couches! The food was delicious. Starbucks reminds us of home!

We leave hear at 8:30 AM and will arrive in Addis at 3:30 AM your time on Wednesday. When we arrive we will clear customs, pick up our luggage, and begin our long journey. Bruce will meet us at the airport. I suspect that we will have to find a place to stay tonight on the road to our destination. It will be dark before we make it.

Our pastor’s conference begins on Thursday morning, and I suspect that we may get up early on Thursday and drive right to the conference.

I may be out of touch for a few days. Just keep checking my blog. I’ll post as soon as I have internet connection. If my Blackberry works I will use Twitter to communicate. You’ll see my Twitter posts on the left side of this blog.

We’re expecting Jesus to do some wonderful things while we’re in Ethiopia. Thanks for praying with us to that end!

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