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We’re on the way Home!

We’ve just come back a few hours ago to Addis from the deep south and west area of Ethiopia. We had a really good trip overall. On Thursday and Friday, we ministered to pastors and church leaders in southern Ethiopia. Several hundred were in attendance, and they were very encouraged as Bruce McDonald, Kevin Ross, David Whitacre, and I shared the Word with them.

On Saturday and Sunday we were to conduct evangelistic crusades there but were hindered by a defrocked church leader. Seems that he has family in high places and armed guards were sent to stop the meetings. Hundreds were there waiting for the meetings to begin. Then, while we were talking to the guards, it began to rain. Not just any rain, a Noah’s Flood type rain. Real hard and driving. We sat on the porch of a church with someone shielding us with an umbrella to keep the rain from hitting us. Then Glory to God, we enjoyed a mud sliding event as we hiked two and a half miles up and then down a boggy, muddy, nasty, mountain road to our vehicle waiting on the paved road. I have some video I’ll show when I get back of the whole ordeal.

The downside of it all now is that the church leaders there appealed to those in high places and now have a permit in their hands to conduct evangelistic crusades! The devil lost in the long run!

Sunday afternoon we drove to a city near western Ethiopia. Monday we drove three hours on horrible roads not worth mentioning to a remote church. There we ministered to mostly believers for hours. At least 200 children were saved, and dozens and dozens of adults were baptized in the Holy Spirit as I ministered on Monday afternoon. We had a meeting!

Tuesday we ministered to church leaders in another location. They were greatly encouraged as we shared the Word. I preached on the role of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher in the body of Christ, and pressed the point of faithfulness with our current assignment as a stepping stone to further kingdom service. Kevin spoke on how to minister to children, and David spoke on the importance of obedience. It was time to rest by the time we drove three hours back to out hotel.

Today we drove five hours and arrived at a hotel in Addis by 1:30 PM. We’ll be leaving Thursday morning for London, and will be home by 11 PM Thursday night. We’ll lose 8 hours on our trip home!

Jet lag, I’m gonna wrestle you to the ground! I’m excited to be coming home to my family and my flock! I’ll try to post tomorrow from London.

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