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We’re in the Omo Valley!

I’m writing you from the town of Arba-Minch in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. This is the first contact I’ve been able to make since Saturday. This is dinosaur internet stuff (real slow) so I must be brief.

Or trip is going very well. The meetings have been wonderful. We met with the southern leaders on Sunday and the meetings were dynamic. We had to meet with the city leaders due to some persecution we faced, but God granted great favor. The city leaders attended the meetings too!

We now have 9 churches in Ethiopia, and all are healthy and growing. The building dedications have been really encouraging for the churches, and the Bible school graduation was exceptional. These people are stirred up in God!

Tomorrow we drive to Weyto, and will meet with our 2 churches there. Then we drive to Jinka, where we will travel to an unreached village. We must first make friendly contact before we can preach to them, and that’s the purpose of the trip there. The next trip, we hope to preach and start a church!

The roads are really bad, gravel and potholes – big ones! So please pray with us for saftey as we travel. And pray with us for dry weather; we have several river beds to cross tomorrow.

I miss my wife, my family, and my church folk. I wish I could hug you all right now. We’re looking forward to coming home!

Keep checking the blog. I’ll post again as soon as I find an internet connection!

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