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We’re in London!

We just arrived in London from Addis Ababa. It’s a ten hour or so journey with a stop to refuel in Amman, Jordan. Just to give you perspective of the length of this journey home, we got up at 9 PM your time on Tuesday night (5 AM Wednesday morning in Ethiopia) and we’ve been up ever since!

We usually get some sleep on the plane, and that keeps us semi-alert on our trip home. We just left Bruce McDonald at the arrival terminal. He lives in London, and is probably home by now.

Thank you for your prayers for us! We’ve had a successful trip; the ministry was good, and the fruit continues to grow in Ethiopia. As you’ve heard me mention, we have 15 churches there, and Meberatu has a goal to have 20 by years end! Presently we need to build 7 more buildings. And I’ll be sending more Beacon University courses to Meberatu when I get home.

The world is changing so rapidly now. I can sense the Holy Spirit urging us to keep first things first, and to live in a constant state of readiness for Jesus’ return! Hostility to the gospel and to Christianity is increasing worldwide, and is an indication that the spirit of anti-Christ is working in the world. Instead of crawling in a hole in fear, the Lord would have us press into His presence and display His love and kindness to those around us. Let the persecution come! Crowns are awarded in heaven for those who are libeled for His name’s sake!

We’ll be leaving at noon today your time for Washington DC. We should arrive there at 8 PM. Then on to our United flight destined for Raleigh at 11PM. Can’t wait to see my beloved bride Susan and my kids. And I’m looking forward to seeing my church family on Sunday!

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