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We’re back!

Susan and I just returned from a wonderful conference in Fort Worth. Here are Thursday’s highlights. Mark Barclay began the day with an encouragement to seek God and expect sign and wonders! His delivery was bold, positive and enriching. He concluded with several Words of Knowledge and a Word of Knowledge for Kenneth Copeland. The second speaker for the day was Jesse Duplantis. In his usual humorous style, Jesse shared Twelve Ways to Receive Total Success. He said these are principles that he personally lives by: 1) Be clear about your mission in life and shape your own destiny; 2) Lonely times help you get clear on your calling and goals; 3) Don’t seek people’s approval; 4) Passion is the power the creates life and helps you achieve goals; 5) Don’t live in the land of better, live in the land of best; 6) Don’t judge others because you will open yourself up to major leaks in your life; 7) Listening to others helps you see things differently and opens your mind to new ways; 8) Respect the royalty in each other; 9) Always keep encouragement close to you; 10) Always be generous – take as many as you can to the top with you; 11) Never report the news – make the news; 12) Never waste you energy or zeal on projects that don’t work. The third speaker of the day was Keith Moore. His title was The essence of the blessing. He talked about God commanding us to be strong (Joshua 1:5-6). He mentioned that fear and bitterness are two indicators of weakness. Walking in the Word, and walking in love are major ingredients to being strong in the Lord! The fourth speaker of the day was Jerry Savelle. He spoke on the fullness of the blessing. He mentioned the attacked that have come against the body of Christ, and exhorted the attendees to persevere in faith. He said that Satan has a scheme to sideline those in ministry with shame. After a good period of exhortation, Jerry have several Words of Knowledge for those who had been attacked in their family or finances. The prayer of faith was offered believing that God would grant each responder with double honor for their shame (Isaiah 61:7). Let’s take God at His Word today and believe Him for exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think! (Ephesians 3:20).

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