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Vijiyawada Pastor’s Conference

It’s a hot, bright day this Thursday in Vijiyawada. The pastor’s conference is at the new building built by Isaac and Velma Projeev for their Vision fir Asia ministry. We arrived there after our 40 minute trip from the hotel. The meetings begin with some lively Indian style P&W which includes lots of bongo drum sounds mixed with a keyboard. The main ingredient is LOUD!

Bruce ministered first on how to preach and minister as a pastor. He ministered from 1 Peter. Then Bruce Bechard gave a bit of his testimony of the faithfulness of God in his life after his wife was killed in a tragic accident. He encouraged the pastors of God’s mercy and goodness even when things are tough.

We ate lunch at the building with the pastors. The food was traditional Indian which means HOT, but it was delicious! Chicken, potatoes with some cruelly hot peppers, and of course, the old staple rice!

I ministered after lunch and followed the Holy Ghost trail I found myself on; totally off my notes! I ministered first on the importance of ministers having a personal time in the Word that is separate from study time. I mentioned how busy can keep you from best. I challenged them to start their day with God, and allow ministry to be an outflow of their relationship with God. We are branches of the vine, and there’s no life flowing out of us unless we’re closely connected to the vine. That connection is out personal private time with the Lord. Then I had a word of knowledge of pastors who were tired and frustrated. Nine or ten came up and I ministered to them personally.

The next subject was our position of authority in Christ. This is the foundation for understanding our position before God and our authority over satanic forces. We had a great time. I led them in a prayer of confession of their authority. We ended the meetings at 5:30.

I fell completely asleep at the dinner table with Bruce, Bruce, and Bob after we ate! That’s what jet lag will do for you. It’s 10:05 PM (12:35 PM your time on Thursday). I hear my pillow calling me now!

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