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I arrived in Dubai at 11:20 am your time today. My flight was boring, which also means safe! I was able to sleep on the 12 hour flight. It’s 8 40 at night here in Dubai, and Bruce McDonald will be here in a couple of hours. We’re meeting at a rest lounge near one of the gates here. That’s where I am as I write this. It has food, restrooms, and showers that are wonderful, as well as a large room for resting. We will leave for Addis Ababa at 8:25 am tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, and should be there by noon.

My goal today (tonight) is to read and rest! I have finally learned how to walk in the providence of God. I’ve learned to relinquish the having to be in control of everything part of my personality to Him! The Lord is watching over my life, my family, my travel, my relationships, and as I walk by faith He guides my steps. That’s a great way to live, and it’s the way that you can walk in rest and still be active.

Thanks to my staff for taking such good care of the church while I’m away. I hope to bring you some great reports of what the Lord is doing as we travel to Southern Ethiopia on Thursday. Until then, it’s time to rest and read!

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