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Travel Day to Delhi

We left Vijayawada today at 6:00 AM to travel to Dehli. This is the first leg of our trip home. Though we were disappointed that we had to cancel our meeting last night, we still hear the reports from Isaac of how the Lord really used us to encourage the pastors and to minister in the villages when we were able.

We took the 6:00 AM train to Hyderabad. It was a long ride with frequent stops along the way. The train was filled with activity, and the children on the train made sure that we didn’t sleep much! After arriving around 12:30PM in Hyderabad, we ate at a Pizza Hut. That’s a first for me in India! Great, greasy, American food! We flew Spice Air from Hyderabad to Delhi and arrived around 8:30 PM.

We’re all very tired from travel, and are looking forward to some sleep. We just finished a meal together at the hotel.

Tomorrow, we travel to Agra, a three to four hour drive. We will spend a few hours touring the Taj Mahal, and then we’ll make our way back to Delhi to freshen up for our 3:30 AM Thursday flight to London!

Thanks for praying for our safe return. We’ve had a great trip with wonderful times of ministry. So many were touched, healed, and built up with the Word.

I’ll try to post again as soon as I’m able after out trip tomorrow.

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