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The Trip to Southern Ethiopia Begins

This may be the last opportunity for me to blog until we’re back from southern Ethiopia. It’s 2:45 am on Saturday morning here in Addis. Jet lag woke me up early! We travel all day long today to get to Yergecheffee, Ethiopia tonight. We really covet your prayers. It’s amazing t o think that there no no distance in the spirit realm. We can minister to each other through prayer, and the Father sends the needed strength, wisdom, favor, protection , and blessing anywhere in the world to those you pray for! I do a lot of praying in the spirit on these trips. That enables me to pray for things I don’t know to pray for, and to pray accurately according to the real needs, not just according to my perception of the needs. And according to Romans 8: 26-28, praying in the spirit causes things to work out for our good and God’s glory. My shepherds heart misses all the people in our church right now. I’ll be ministering on Sunday about God treating us the way a shepherd treat sheep. The shepherd’s main concern is the well-being of the sheep. He takes them to the best food, the best place for fresh water, and is ever on guard for wolves that would come in the steal, kill, and destroy. The shepherd puts the sheep’s needs above his own. Jesus is the good shepherd. He gave His life for the sheep. And we under-shepherds are to emulate Jesus in how we take care of His sheep! We will give account one day for how we care for the Father’s sheep! This is a very needed message right now where we are going due to the leadership challenges we must deal with. Please pray with us for the Father to show Himself strong! These southern churches are a separate group from the 8 Victory Fellowship churches the Lord has raised up, and they have a different person who acts as overseer over the whole group of 200 + churches. This is where we will be on Sunday and Monday, and we’re believing that the Lord will use us to strengthen these wonderful pastors. These pastors minister to 20,000 plus people when you combine all of their churches together. And they can have influence with tens of thousands as they reach out in teir villages. So we have the potential of a great impact in this area. After this we have the church dedications, Beacon Institute of Ministry graduation, ministry in churches, and the Omo valley outreach ahead of us. I will post again as soon as I find an Internet connection somewhere. Just keep checking in to see if I’ve posted. You should here from me in a few day. Thanks for being our prayer partners!

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