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The Seed

The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground (Mark 4:26). The parable of the sower in Mark 4 is constantly at work in our lives. The kingdom of God is like a seed. A seed contains the life germ. If the seed is planted in the right kind of soil, if it receives moisture and warmth. If the weeds are kept at bay, then the seed will produce a strong plant that will bear fruit. And the plant will keep on bearing fruit as long as it continues to receive moisture, sunshine, and nurture from the soil. Jesus spoke of four kinds of soil. Wayside, where the word is heard but rejected. Stony, where the word is heard but no deep application to life. Thorny, where outside interference hinders the development of the seed. Good Ground, where the word produces an effect. We determine the fruit that is manifest in our lives by the implanted word of God. We are to receive with meekness the implanted Word. If we turn a deaf ear and don’t apply it, the seed dies. If we get upset and quit when tough times come, it fails to produce. If we allow ourselves to become too busy to tend to it, then its growth is choked by outward things. But if we listen, meditate, and act, then the Word produces fruit. The fruit is already programmed into the seed! All we do is nurture it with our time and attention, and then wait and be patient. Fruit will come. Nurture the seed of the Word in your life today by confessing it, meditating on it, and by acting on it. Healing, blessing, refreshing, answered prayer, wisdom, strength, power over the adversary, joy, patience, love, self-control, peace, are all in the seed. Some of us today will receive a thirty percent harvest, because that’s the effort we put in. Others of us will receive a sixty percent harvest because that’s how much effort we put in. A few of us will receive a one hundred percent harvest; the most benefit that can be obtained from the Word. We determine today what kind of soil we will be for the Word. Purpose to be the good ground! And let’s go for one hundred percent effectiveness! He is watching over His Word in you today! Let the Word be fruitful and multiply!

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