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Powerful Words

Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy (Psalm 107:2). The most powerful force in your life is your words. Words determine the quality and substance of your life. Words carry faith. A really wealthy person is the person who has learned the value of words. In a difficult test or trial you may be facing, your words will determine your success or failure. When David faced Goliath, he armed himself with his faith by a series of confessions of what he believed God would do through him to defeat his formidable enemy (1 Samuel 17). And it happened. His enemy hit the dirt! Of the twelve spies who entered Canaan on a research mission, only two had a good report of the land. Ten saw the problems and the odds stacked against them and voiced their doubt. Joshua and Caleb voiced their faith and said that God would give them the land by enabling them to defeat the enemy. (Numbers 13). The twelve spies died in the wilderness and never entered the land of promise only because they said they couldn’t. Joshua and Caleb entered Canaan because they said they could. God honored their words.

The woman with the issue of blood crawled through a crowd to touch the bottom of Jesus’ robe. She kept saying that she believed she would be healed if she touched his robe, and healing virtue flowed into her. Her faith filled words brought healing. (Mark 5). The circumstances cannot whip you if you will only give voice to your faith with a confident heart. David won with words. Caleb and Joshua won over insurmountable odds with words. The sick woman was healed because of her words. Say out loud what you believe today. Let your voice of faith filled words drown out the doubt and fears that loom large. Stand your ground as the redeemed of the Lord. Your circumstance may seem impossible, but words spoken with conviction from your heart will deliver you. Don’t be silent. Say what you believe!

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