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Planting, Watering, and Increasing

Saturday was our final day of the Pastor’s conference. We had around 200 pastors there and they were blessed beyond measure. As we spoke, they took notes voluminously, and were eager to receive. Now that’s a lot of fun for a guy like me who loves to preach!

Bob Martin and Bruce Bechard ministered briefly to the pastors, and then Bruce McDonald ministered. After a short break I ministered during the afternoon. I spoke on the importance of walking in forgiveness and talked about generational sins and issues and how to take authority over them. We prayed for all the pastors and led them in a series of confessions of faith. The conference ended on a high note, and we heard many comments from the pastors of how much they received from the meetings. For many, this is the their only opportunity to receive ministry.

Saturday night we conducted a village meeting, and the Lord met us in a powerful way. I’m guessing there were over 200 there, and after the music, I preached a simple salvation message. You could feel the Holy Spirit rise in the atmosphere as the convicting Word pierced their hearts. When the altar call was given, around 150 gave their lives to Jesus (I’m guessing here; its difficult to count). It was awesome to see how eager they were to make Jesus Lord.

Realistically, we just can’t be sure how many were already saved, and how many just came up to be sure of their salvation. The anointing really penetrated them all, and all I know is that I will see these beautiful people in heaven one day! That’s what counts! As we left, we laid hands on all the people in attendance and prayed for them.

Saturday was a great day of planting the Word, watering the seed, and watching God give increase!

On Sunday, in just a few hours, I will minister in a local church here in Vijayawada. I’m expecting the Father to manifest Himself! Tonight, we conduct another willage meeting. Believe with us for great results!

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