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Learned Contentment

No, I have learned in whatever condition I am, to be independent of circumstances. I am schooled to bear the depths of poverty, and I am schooled to bear abundance. In life as a whole, and all its circumstances, I have mastered the secret of living – how to be the same amidst repletion and starvation, amidst abundance and privation. I am equal to every lot through the help of Him who gives me inward strength (Philippians 4:11 – A.S. Way Translation).

Spiritual maturity enables us to endure any situation with confidence. The Lord wants us to get to the place that nothing moves us. He wants us to be able to be the same during times of prosperity and poverty; during times of great victory, and in times of tremendous duress. The more spiritually mature we are, the less we will be affected by outward things. The internal standard of God’s Word and His agape love become the main forces of life.

The more we are moved by circumstances, the less we are influenced by the Word. When our spirits gain the ascendancy in our lives, circumstances have less and less affect upon us.

Years ago, Smith Wigglesworth used to say I’m not moved by what I see. I’m not moved by what I feel. I’m moved only by what I believe.

Start now to act on God’s Word throughout your day. Decide to be a doer of the Word in every circumstance. In the office setting, at home with the kids, with the obstinate person in traffic, or alone with your own thoughts; decide to put God’s Word first place in your life.

Choose today to become a person who is independent of circumstances. The Lord will be able to use you in the most difficult situations, because He can trust you to stand strong and not waver. You’ll represent His character well!

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