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Let this same attitude and purpose and [humble] mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus: [Let Him be your example in humility:] Who, although being essentially one with God and in the form of God [ possessing the fullness of the attributes which make God God], did not think this equality with God was a thing to be eagerly grasped or retained, But stripped Himself [of all privileges and rightful dignity], so as to assume the guise of a servant (slave), in that He became like men and was born a human being. And after He had appeared in human form, He abased and humbled Himself [still further] and carried His obedience to the extreme of death, even the death of the cross! Therefore [because He stooped so low] God has highly exalted Him and has freely bestowed on Him the name that is above every name (Philippians 2:5-9 –Amplified).

This is called the kenosis of Christ, from the Greek word for emptied. Jesus was a king, but laid down His kingly position momentarily for 33 years. As God, He wrapped Himself in a body that He Himself created for man. Having dominion, power, authority, majesty, and control of the universe; He laid it all aside for you and me. He emptied Himself of all positional privilege as the Son of God and lived just like us. He faced every temptation known to man without yielding. He fully submitted His human will to the will of His Father.

Resultantly, He now holds the highest position in the universe. Every being will one day bow to His kingship in hell, on earth, and in heaven! He is the representative new creation man.

We are to have the same purpose, mind and attitude that Jesus exemplified. We are likewise called to empty ourselves of the desire for our own way, to be seen and heard, of pride, self-centeredness, and self-will. Jesus gave each of us the call to take up our cross daily. A cross is a place where flesh dies; where the will of God meets my selfish desires and I choose to lay them down out of love for Him.

The seed that dies bears fruit. The barren becomes fruitful. The un-surrendered life is barren and cold. The surrendered, self-emptied life is filled with joy, peace, and the fruits of right standing with God.

Each day we must make a choice to have the same attitude, purpose, and mind that Jesus had. We must be willing to empty ourselves the way He did. Our own personal kenosis. Taking up our cross. Purposing to please the Father rather than gratify the flesh.

A glass that is not emptied cannot be refilled. Running water gravitates to the lowest places. Rivers of living water are waiting for the self-emptied cup; for the lowest spots to fill. Kenosis. Let it be your mindset today!

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