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God’s Opinion

But as a matter of fact it matters very little to me what you or any man thinks of me. I don’t even value my opinion of myself (1 Corinthians 4:3 – J.B. Phillips Translation).

God used this verse to set me free from an attitude of self-rejection and from the fear of being rejected by others. Our lives are molded strongly by parental and social influences during the delicate years of maturation.

For me, I was the always the youngest in my classes in school having started at age 5 and taking grades 7 and 8 in one year. This resulted in my being the brunt of the older kids’ jokes and feeling ostracized from participation in sports events and other social functions at recess and in later years. I developed a deep seated sense of failure and rejection. In my mind, a room full of people was a room full of others who didn’t like me.

Being Spirit baptized at age 18 changed everything. God immediately began to work on my opinion of myself. He began to show me that He loved me unconditionally; that He loved me as much as He loved His own Son; and that He would help me and not reject me even when I failed!

It was like a breath of fresh air on a bright spring morning! I began to realize that if the Lord loved me and accepted me, it really shouldn’t matter what others thought of me. His loved changed the focus of my life from fear and rejection to love and acceptance. And my personality, pressed down by fear, finally came to life.

As my mind became renewed, social opportunities became opportunities to love, care, help, strengthen, and cheer others. The old days of fear, gloom, dread, failure, rejection, bitterness, envy, and self-hatred were gone!

The light of God’s love, care, and acceptance towards you can also give you a new lease on life. Being Born Again, Spirit-Filled, and Word dominated can make you a brand new person! Act on His loving Word today!

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