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God and Voting

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, The people He has chosen as His own in heritance (Psalm 33:12). I conducted a question and answer time during our midweek service this week and one of the questions that were asked was about the next presidential election. The questions was would the Holy Spirit tell every believer to vote for the same person?

My answer was that the Holy Spirit is not going to make the choice for us! He is not a democrat, republican, libertarian, or an independent. In fact, God is not into politics at all! God is not into democracy! His best is Theocracy, rule by God.

We live in a democratic republic with a representative form of government. Our congressmen, senators, representatives, and our President are elected by the will of the people. Their office of government is respected by God, but He is not the one who chooses them. The people choose those who hold governmental offices in our land.

A democracy cannot exist without a foundation of moral law and restraint. We are a fallen, wicked, depraved, and sinful race. The challenge of any democratic form of government is for the citizens to adhere to morality and civil law based on fairness and justice. When a citizenry becomes self-absorbed and self-centered in a democracy, they will begin to vote for that which most benefits their beliefs and lifestyle. Without a moral compass to hold the nature of sin in check, a culture will vote and the will of the people will reflect self-centeredness and lack of morality. The breakdown of law, order, civility, and family values will eventually follow. And without some form of moral restraint, a democratic culture will eventually fail and give in to rule by force. This is the lesson that history teaches us.

So when we go to the polls this fall to elect of governmental representatives, we must personally choose to allow the Lord to deal with us as we look at the facts concerning each person for which we vote. We must ask ourselves, which person most closely follows what I see as the standard for living in the word of God? Which candidate stands most closely for the moral values as taught by the precepts of scripture? When we as a people veer from God’s morals for living as a fallen race as given to Moses in the Ten Commandments, our culture will eventually fail. So we must be careful as Christians to vote from our hearts as we weigh the issues at hand in the balance of the word of God.

Where does the candidate stand on these issues: marriage and family values; personal financial responsibility; the role of government in personal life and choices in general; child training and education; financial matters such as taxes, business, the free market, and international commerce; national defense and military issues; the Middle East conflict and its resolution?

Ask the Lord for wisdom as you make your voting choices this fall. This next election may well make or break our nation. Family values are being challenged. Economic issues are testy and looming problems are on the horizon. Our national security is at risk from terrorism that is increasing in intensity. We must have leaders that respect God and His morals.

We must have leaders that are pro- Israel, for no nation can prosper that hinders God’s plan for this race that gave the world its moral compass, and gave the world the Messiah we know as Jesus the Christ. God made eternal promises to Abraham that He will fulfill in the Jewish race on their soil. Our leaders are wise to take heed this fact.

A wise believer will become involved in educating himself on the facts of what each candidate believes before voting this fall. God cannot honor ignorance, and will not grant wisdom to the uninformed. Take your civic duty to vote seriously this fall. Our future as a nation and the lifestyle we enjoy will rest on the choices we make at the voting booth!

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