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Glad to be home!

I arrived home from Ethiopia this past Saturday night, and preached twice yesterday. I’ve missed updating my blog!

Ministry in Ethiopia was great. We held a pastor’s conference in Wanago for around two hundred pastors and ministry leaders on February 3rd and 4th. We brought them both encouragement in their hardships and faith to believe for God’s best in their lives and churches.

On February 5th and 6th we held evangelistic services in a big open field in Yirgecheffee. Again, God’s grace was poured out in a wonderful way as hundreds responded to the salvation message. Many were healed of all kinds of illnesses as God’s healing power manifested following the preached word.

On February 7th and 8th we travelled to Weyto in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia. We ministered in one of our three church on the afternoon of the 8th after arriving just before noon. Six former animists responded to the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Though it was a sweltering afternoon in 100 plus degree heat, the excitement was evident among the crowd of recent converts.

On Wednesday morning we ministered in our other two churches in neighboring villages. As all of those present were believers, we ministered encouragement and faith to these eager new Christians. This is a remote area of Ethiopia, and most of the people neither read or write. So we present the word of God in story form so that they can grasp the simple truths of the scriptures.

Gunta and Meberatu are two pastors that we support in Ethiopia. Meberatu is ordained by our organization and oversees all 13 of our Ethiopian churches. Gunta is from the Weyto area and tribe and oversees the 3 churches we have there.

I plan to return to Ethiopia in November. Please pray for the believers there, that they would grow in their relationship with Jesus, and that God would use them to minister to their communities.

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