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Faith Living

…The Just shall live by faith (Romans 1:17). Living by faith is a way of life that is carefree and peaceful. It’s a way of life that has the normal difficulties and challenges faced by every earth dweller. But it’s packed with an ability to look beyond every sunset and see the sunrises that are sure to come. Living by faith is a joyful way of life. It’s not dependent on happenings for emotion. Happiness has the root to happen in it. Joy is the distinguishing emotion of faith. It rests in the expectation of promises fulfilled. Joy isn’t moved by unbending circumstances because it knows that behind every promise in the Bible is the very integrity of God Himself. Living by faith is a patient way of life. It knows that the promises of God take time to ripen in the circumstances of life. And the patience of faith knows that as it looks to the promise of God, God will always honor His word. One of the Greek words for patience is hupomone. It means an ability to remain or to stay when the going gets tough. Patience lifts its head and smiles through the pain. It never looks back, and is ever expecting God to give His best. Living by faith means seeing the invisible and acting as though the promise is already fulfilled before any change takes place. Living by faith is living with our eyes fixed on God’s Word and not our surroundings. It’s calling those things that be not as though they were. It’s believing that God has answered while the problem seems to get worse. Living by faith means speaking the Word of God and never ever giving voice to doubt and fear. The voice of faith agrees with the God’s word. It says exactly the same thing that God says. Living by faith is living in love. Faith rests in the love that God has for His children. Just as a baby is secure in the arms of a loving mother, protected from the harsh elements of life, so the believer walking by faith has settled down in the care that the Father has for His own. Living by faith erects a shield that wards off every attack from the enemy’s fiery darts. Living by faith takes the believer out from under the control of the adversary. Sickness, disease, fear, weakness, inability, poverty, lack, and everything else hell has to offer is overcome by living the lifestyle of faith.

Living by faith is a narrow road. Critics just don’t understand it. But those who walk it’s paths find peace joy, patience, fortitude, and love, And at the end of the that road the person walking by faith will find a smiling Father pleased to provide a trusting child with every good and perfect gift!

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