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Day Two of the Ministers Conference

Susan and I are being refreshed! The days are long, but the Word is refreshing! We’re at Kenneth Copeland’s Minister’s Conference in Fort Worth. It ends tonight. Wednesday morning, Mac Hammond spoke on the importance of waiting on the Lord and the need to develop expectancy when believing God. You always get what you expect in life, so expect God’s best! Dennis Burke had the second morning session. He spoke on being justified and righteous in the sight of God. Our past is not just forgiven, it is expunged. All record of past misdeeds is totally removed. This gives us great boldness towards God and enables us to develop a high level of faith and intimacy with the Father. In the afternoon session, Bill Winston spoke about God bringing the wealth into the kingdom of God so that we can do the quick work that must be done before Jesus returns. Wednesday evening Kenneth Copeland spoke about our position and seating with Christ in heavenly places. We are kings and priests before God, and the blessings of Braham flow through us to others. We should expect to carry the blessing to our generation. The night ended with a prophetic song from Keith Moore.

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