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An Admonition to Praise

We had a great praise and worship night this past Wednesday as we dedicated the entire time to worship. While I was standing there, the Holy Spirit began to work inside of me. I began to know that the Father wants us to live a lifestyle of praise. In our praise, the enemy is bound and hindered (see Psalm 149), and the kingdom of God manifests(Psalm 22:3). The Father manifests Himself and His attributes as we praise and worship from our hearts.

It was in the midst of their praising God that Paul and Silas were delivered from prison chains in Acts 16. In 2 Chronicles 20, God told His people to place the worshippers in the front lines of battle and He would fight for them as they praised Him!

In the confrontations that we face with darkness in this last hour, the Father would be pleased for us to live in worship, to face every challenge and difficulty with cheerful, God honoring praise and worship. Praise is not just for a church service, but must become a part of our daily lifestyle. Praise should be the first response we have to duress and trouble.

The Holy Spirit began to give me a Word of Wisdom concerning future events as I stood there worshipping Wednesday night. So at the end of the meeting, I spoke what I heard from Him. I have no idea what will occur; just that something will happen that will be challenging. Our response should be to walk in faith and to praise our God!

Here is a transcription of what I said at the end of the Wednesday night meeting. When these things come to me, I really have no more to add. They don’t come from the mind, but from my spirit by the Holy Spirit, so I’m as clueless as anyone as to what could occur. It’s time to walk by faith, to pray, to worship, and to believe!

Wednesday night, April 30th, 2009:

In the days to come, the things that will occur, and the things that you will see and hear, will shock the world. For in the months – one, two, three – there will be happenings that will cause the beginning of things that I have foretold by My prophets. And many will wonder and say, “What will I do?” But those that do know their God will be strong and do exploits – for Me.

So you should never be in a place of concern. For I’ve called you to rest with Me. And I’ve called you to be those upon whom I have placed My Spirit and My protection from things. And so if you’ll rise up and worship and rise up and praise – I inhabit praise – I’ll cause the manifestation of Who I Am to hover around you and yours. And you will know My solace, you will know My protection, you will know My way. You’ll not be taken by surprise. Darkness will not overtake you, because I’ve called you to walk in light. The light will prevail, and My glory will shine.

For even in this time, and even in this hour, those who have been allured by the things of this life and have walked away from Me – I have begun to call them back. And I have placed something from Me deep within them. And I’m calling them, and they are hearing My call. This day I will call the prodigal back to Me. Those who thought there’s no help for them in God will know My aid and know My help, for I will forgive their transgressions, and I will draw them back. I will give them a spirit of repentance. And so don’t be those that judge. Don’t be those that are law-filled. But be those that are love-filled, and Word-filled, and Spirit-filled. And let me work in you, for I will work a work in your day which none can gainsay nor resist. I am the restorer of the breach, the restorer of the paths to dwell in. And I will use you to bring those in darkness to Me. So prepare yourself and be ready, for surely I come. Surely I mend. Surely I help. Surely I reveal Myself. Surely you’ll be ready. Praise God.

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