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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

I arrived home yesterday after being in the air a little over 19 hours! It’s always wonderful to see my family again. I miss my church family too. Thanks to Pastor Mike for overseeing things while I was away. And thanks to he and Rick Beddingfield for ministering on Wednesday nights!

The ministry in Ethiopia was fruitful. As I mentioned a few days ago, the pastors need teaching and training and were so hungry for the word! These times of teaching them are so important! The evangelistic ministry was also fruitful, with around 100 repenting of sin and embracing Jesus as Lord. And after I ministered on the baptism with the Holy Spirit, it was awesome to see 150 or so come to receive this wonderful experience with the Holy Spirit. I’ll let the pictures say the rest!

People receiving the baptism with the Holy Spirit

The preaching platform

An animal skin drum

A choir singing

On their faces repenting and declaring Jesus as Lord!

This is a crowd picture during the evangelistic crusade

A shelter is built as a platform for preaching. This is at the evangelistic crusade

This is a picture of the pastors in the conference last Friday

I’m ministering to the pastors in the conference

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