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Village Meeting Wednesday Night

We arrived in Vijiyawada on Wednesday about 4:00 pm (6:30 AM your time). Our plane was delayed which is fairly normal here! Temperature are in the mid-90’s, and when that mixes with the smell, it makes it real interesting!

If you’ve never been it’s hard to describe what it’s like here. Imagine a street filled with cars, big trucks, rickshaws, bicycles, pedestrians, goats, cows, dogs, refuse, food, kiosks of veggies and housewares, food vendors, and general mayhem! Trash and debris are everywhere. And the Lord loves every one of these people I see walking down the street in tattered clothing.

We bought some necessary clothing upon arrival, as our bags have not arrived. After a small meal, we left for a village meeting. After an hour’s drive, we arrived at the village to find the people excited to see us. Sounds of singing could be heard in the distance as the meeting participants sang before the meeting. We had about 80 to 100 people in the meeting.

After the team gave their greetings to the audience, Bruce McDonald preached a simple salvation message. Eighteen people gave their lives to Jesus during the altar call! Prayer was offered for the sick, and many were healed. After the meeting, we prayed for all the people and laid hands on them. We also prayed over some property the church there just purchased. They will be building soon. The pastor and his family were gracious hosts. We may be the first Americans to come to this little village!

Today, we’ll be conducting the first day of the pastor’s conference. I’ll fill in the details tomorrow. It’s time for some breakfast!

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