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The Covenant Names Of God

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe (Proverbs 18:10).

God revealed Himself in the Old Testament through covenant names. Through these names, He reveals who He is, and what His attitude towards us is like. Let’s examine this for the next couple of days in this blog.

The Father is absolutely committed to our care. He calls Himself the Shepherd by the covenant name Jehovah Raah in Psalm 23:1. We are His sheep. He has loved us enough to make an eternal covenant with Abraham and include us in it! His covenant care for us is guaranteed by God’s own integrity. A shepherd takes care of his sheep day and night. He assumes the their total care including food, shelter, safety, guidance and personal oversight. That is how our God treats us!

Another covenant name God has is Jehovah-Jireh (found in Genesis 22:14) which means the Lord our provider. God provided the lamb of sacrifice in the place of Abraham’s son Isaac as Abraham walked up the mountain in obedience to God’s request of Abraham to give Him his only son. God’s provides what He requests from us.

God’s nature is wrapped up in His covenant name El-Shaddai (found in Genesis 17:1; 28:1-4; Psalm 91:1), which means the giver and sustainer of life. This term has wrapped in it the idea of a mother who is the all sustaining force in a newborn baby’s life. She provides all the nourishment and care for that little child. The child is always safe and secure in the love of the mother. That’s how our Father God is to us!

The Father has revealed Himself to us in His covenant name El-Elyon (found in Genesis 14: 18-23; Daniel 5:18; Psalm 83;18), the possessor of heaven and earth. It means that He is the Most High God! When things look bad and the enemy seems to be winning, don’t forget that our never changing God is El-Elyon, the MOST HIGH! We always win. Winning is our destiny. He has our back when problems arise, and will show us the path to victory regardless of the circumstance.

The Father has revealed Himself in His covenant name El-Roi, the One who sees. This is found in Genesis 16: 13-14. God saw Hagar, Abraham’s handmaid’s and the great needs she had. God met her needs as she was alone in the desert after being kicked out of Abraham’s house. The Father sees everything about us and knows intimately every detail of our lives; the good, the bad, and the ugly. He knows why we do what we do, and knows how to minister to us in minute detail. He is El-Roi, the one who sees. Pour out your heart to Him and expect Him to help you. He cares!

The Father is Our Shepherd, our Provider, our Life Sustainer, the MOST HIGH, and He is the One who sees and knows all about us. Pour your heart out to Him today, and expect Him to meet you in today’s life details! I’ll continue this next time.

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