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Saturday in Africa

Our day began today with a real long border crossing. We had to go to the government office in Goma to get a multi-entry visa so we could pass through quicker and easier. As you know, we’re staying in Rwanda at night and crossing into Congo each day to minister.

The situation remains calm yet unpredictable in Goma. We are exercising great caution as we plan day to day. I have a peace that all will be ok.

Today we ministered in a refugee camp to pastors. They were both hungry and excited. They never have visitors from the outside to encourage them. There exuberance is contagious. I’ll show you some pics when I get home.

This afternoon we went to another refugee camp to conduct an evangelistic crusade. The choirs were singing, a huge crowd of people had gathered, and the excitement was growing. Then a Noah’s flood rain came! It was complete with fireworks(loud thunder and lightning). The people continued to sing and dance in the rain until they were drenched. We fled to the waiting vehicle and had to get back to Rwanda before the border closed!

Tomorrow I will preach in a church in Goma for their Sunday morning service. Then in the afternoon we will conduct another evangelistic crusade in a different refugee camp. Please pray that we will be able to minister this time! The people are eager to hear. I’ll give you an update tomorrow.

I’m preparing for tomorrow and will be retiring for the night soon. Here it is 8:30 or so at night on Saturday. Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight!

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