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Ron McIntosh Meetings

We’re having some excellent meetings with Ron McIntosh this weekend. Ron ministered to the full time staff of Victory Fellowship during the day on Friday. He spoke on how to achieve change in your life. The key is through meditation in the Word to change your belief system. He has some excellent CD’s and workbooks to aid in meditation that brings change. We never rise above what we really believe about ourselves in the various areas of life! What you have on the outside is a true reflection of what you have on the inside! If you don’t like what you see, the only way to change is to change your “belief system.” And that is really only accomplished through meditation in the Word. Tonight Ron began speaking on 7 principles that will help a local church thrive. One thing I can see right away that I must do differently is to bring more emphasis to the vision of our church. It’s printed in the bulletin, on our website, and on our power point stuff, but I don’t say it enough! So I’ll be making some noticeable changes in that area. So if you’re in town and attend Victory, I can’t encourage you enough to make the meetings on Saturday. Lunch is served for those attending, and the information Ron is teaching is life changing and motivational. I think we have a good thing going at Victory Fellowship, and lives are being changed. But there is always room for improvement. We should be open to critique personally and corporately as a church body. The desire that burns in me is to help people become disciples that are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and filled with God’s Word!

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