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Outward and Inward Harmony

Chip Judd ministered today on enlarging our capacity to receive from God. His text was from 2 Kings 4 where Elisha through working of miracles multiplied oil for a needy lady. As long as she brought pots, oil kept coming from a jar to fill each one. As soon as she brought the last jar, the oil ceased.

The idea here is that as long as we have capacity, the Lord gives to us from His rich resources. Our receiving from the Lord is directly related to our capacity to receive. And our capacity to receive is directly related to out soul.

We receive our beliefs and values for all of life from our family of origin by observation, association, and influence. We become what we learn t home!

Our outside life is a mirror image of our inside world. The only way to permanently alter our outward behavior is to alter the internal thoughts and motivations that cause it! That’s where mind renewal comes into the picture. By looking into the perfect law of liberty and by associating with other believers who can speak truth to us we can see where our belief system needs changing. And we change by identifying, challenging, and acting contrary to wrong beliefs.

We all come from flawed families and it’s so important to renew our minds with truth every day! The process of change is a lifelong adventure in walking out the will of God. Commit today to receiving God’s best by challenging wrong beliefs and by acting to overcome them. It’s a one step at a time, one day at a time deal. And if you’re doing it right, the farther and longer you go, the freer you become. It really is change from glory to glory!

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