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Off to India

I’m leaving for India today after our 2nd morning service. This is my 9th trip there. Today I travel to Boston Logan and then on to London via British Air. Bob Martin and I will meet Bruce and another man there in London and then fly British Air to Chennai. We arrive in India at 3:20 PM your time on Monday. The time difference is 101/2 hours so it will be 12:50AM Tuesday there. On Wednesday, we fly to Vijawada, India, and conduct a night village meeting. Then Thursday through Saturday, we have a Pastor’s Conference all day, and will conduct village meetings at night. On Sunday and Monday, March 25 & 26, we will conduct Village meetings, ministering in churches and holding evangelistic meetings. I will be returning on Thursday, March 29th. Please pray for the Pastor’s conference, that the Pastors hearts will be open to truth and that the Father will minister to them. And pray for the village meetings, that the stongholds of religion will be broken, and that the light of the gospel will penetrate darkness. I hope to be able to have computer access in London at the Airport on Monday, and upon arrival in India on Tuesday. I’ll post as much as possible and let you know how things are going. I hope to give day to day updates of our adventure. Thanks you for standing with us in prayer for God’s best during this trip!

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