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November Ethiopia Trip Pictures

We are very glad to be back from our trip to Ethiopia. Charlie Miller, Bill Hicks and I traveled there from November 8 through November 20th. We ministered in 5 of our 6 Victory Churches in the Omo Valley. The road was not passable to our Braile Tribe Victory Church. We also ministered to the Hamar tribe where we will officially start a new church in the next 2 months.

Thanks to all who prayed for us for safe travel and effective ministry. Your prayers were answered!

Here are some pictures of our Ethiopian adventure:

Charlie Miller, Bill Hicks and I in Arba Minch on the way to the Omo Valley

Packing our luggage on top for the trip into the Omo Valley

Preaching in our Bora Tribe Church

Church member singing outside our Bora Tribe Church

Preaching in our Woito Church

A new Church building, our 2nd Woito Church

Church members outside our 2nd Woito Church

Bill Hicks ministers to the Hamar tribe, a new church plant here in the Omo Valley

This is the Woito Victory Church, the first church we started in the Omo Valley

Me preaching at the Woito Victory Church

This is Gunta and his wife. Gunta pastors all 5 Omo Valley Victory Churches.

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