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Ministers Conference

Susan and I attended the Kenneth Copeland minister’s conference all day yesterday. We saw Clifton Chen who had flown in from Taiwan for some needed refreshing. We were being seated at the conference lunch, and there at the table were Ken and Trudy Blount! You may remember that they were guest speakers in our church last August! The conference began Tuesday morning with Happy Caldwell ministering on finishing your course. Paul said I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course (2 Timothy 4:7). He encouraged us to not allow our passion for God to wane. He mentioned that personal and ministry growth means change, mentioning several times that in our day we live in an accelerated atmosphere of change. Pain occurs with change, and as Peter Daniels says, Pain is weakness escaping. He said that our threshold of pain will determine our ability to change. The second morning speaker was Bishop Oyedepo from Nigeria. This wonderful man of God started a church in Nigeria and now has a huge building that seats 50,000 people on 1400 acres of land! Bishop Oyedepo ministered on being empowered for ministry. He said that God will empower in us what He has called us to do. Ministry is simply hearing the Father speak and then carrying our His plans. We are not to minister nor offer ministry for prize nor reward. He mentioned that some abuse the prosperity message and use it as a tool to raise money for themselves, and that we should never minister for gain. He said rather that our giving connects us to God’s provision. He encouraged us to know what God has called us to do and stay with it. God’s provision goes along with the call. Rick Renner ministered in the first afternoon session from 1 Peter 5: 7-8 on casting your cares on the Lord. The main points were that we are to throw the weight of worry on the Lord. We were never created to handle worry. Worry causes mental intoxication, causing a person to think, feel, and act the wrong way! Satan come to attack through the avenue of thought, and we must refuse the fear, doubt, and lies he seeks to bring to us. Billye Brim ministered in the second afternoon session. Billye was editor of Kenneth Hagin’s books for many years, and had known him since the late 60’s. She ministered on the glory of God coming into manifestation in our day, and reminisced on how the glory would often fall on the crowd during brother Hagin’s meetings. She urged us to pray in tongues, and believe God for His golry to fall as wee minister. Kenneth Copeland ministered in the night meeting and spoke about resting in God. Because Jesus has completed His work, we are seated in heavenly places in Him. That is a place of rest! At the conclusion of the meeting he mentioned the senate investigation of several ministries, and shared about how his ministry responded. I’m looking forward to the meetings today. My cups runs over!

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