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Friday Vijiyawada Pastor’s Conference

Today was like Christmas day for me! My luggage arrived! Yeah! Now I have a few more clothes and creature comforts! Bob Martin still has not received his though. I’ve shared a few items with him. He has a great attitude in all of this. He’s having the time of his life!

Bruce spoke first at the conference today, and again spoke from 1 Peter. He encouraged the pastors to see the long range results of their ministry, and not just the temporary problems they deal with right now. He also encouraged them to examine their motive for ministry. Ministry is not about personal gain or financial blessing which is so emphsized in some circles. Ministry is about ministering life to people. God meets our needs and blesses us, but our focus is to be on the eternal reward, and not on temporary things. A needed word for our day. We need to hear this in America too!

I spoke just before lunch for a little over an hour. Today I explained the principle of the three-fold natue of man to them; spirit, soul, and body. I explained in detail what happens in the new birth; the tremendous change that occurs in our spirits. Then I addressed the need we all have to renew our minds with God’s Word, and the responsibility we have of submitting our bodies to God. I gave the illustration of Lazarus being raised from the dead as an example of how we need to change our habits in thought and body after salvation. Lazarus was alive in a dead man’s clothes, and had to remove them to be free to live life to the fullest.

After a spicy, wonderful Indian meal for lunch, I spoke for another two and a half hours and discussed in detail on how Satan atacks us from without, and how we must resist him by faith and by speaking the Word.

Then I spoke on how Satan seeks to attack from within due to hedge breaking sins that we’ve allowed from our past. I emphasized the need to shut the door on purpose to him and refuse to allow him to hinder our lives. I discussed idolatry, false religion, occult practices, alcohol and drug abuse and how these things open the door for the enemy to hinder.

I ended on the taboo subject of sex sin. Sex is a taboo subject in India, and is never mentioned publicly. I went there and talked about fornication, adultery, sexual abuse, pornography, and how these things hurt so many and open the door for the enemy to bring great harm. The response told me that I hit a real chord. I think the Holy Spirit is setting us up for some really great ministry tomorrow. Please pray that He will have His way in each pastor tomorrow.

The Pastors are enjoying themselves so much that Isaac told me that some said that they don’t want the meetings to end.

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