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Friday in Addis

It’s 2:00 pm here in Addis. Bruce McDonald, Larry Hunter, and I just had a meeting with Meberatu and made plans for the next few days. We will shop for supplies this afternoon for our long trip which begins tomorrow. We travel all day on Saturday to Yergecheffe, where we will spend Saturday night. We will hold a pastors conference in a rented hall for the southern church pastors on Sunday and Monday. We will teach during these meetings to these hungry pastors, and we will take some time to deal with some serious leadership issues there. Then on Monday afternoon we will drive to Sheshamane where we will hold a Bible school graduation on Tuesday, and will preach in our church there. Then on Wednesday, we drive to Sodo, and from there visit several of our Victory Fellowship churches through Friday. We will conduct several building dedication services and minister mainly to believers. On Saturday, we begin a long drive to Woito, where we have a church among the Omo. We’ll preach in our newly established church in Woito, and then on Sunday, we will drive past Jinka to an unreached tribe of Omo called the Mursi. This is where we have to be careful, and will mainly be making contact with these people for the first time. Our goal is to establish a new church there, and to do that, you first of all must make contact, and earn their trust. This is what we’re doing this trip. We’re taking a guard with us. Please pray with us for an opening with these unreached people. Pray that we will have favor and that they will open their hearts to us, and to the Lord. On Monday, May 7th, we begin a two day journey back to Addis Ababa. We will probably minister again at the Woito church on the way back. We now have 8 Victory Fellowship churches in Ethiopia.!Meberatu is doing a wonderful job of ministering to these pastors and facilitating outreach in the various cities. Please believe with Meberatu for his wife Esther’s healing. She’s been in the hospital four days with a stomach problem and just came home on Thursday. Thanks for your prayers. Things get intense beginning tomorrow!

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