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Faith Acts As Though You Have What God Has Promised Before You See It!

And He said to her, Daughter, be of good cheer; your faith has made you well. Go in peace (Luke 8:48).

Faith receives what grace provides. This lady had a physical problem for twelve years. Crowds were pressing on Jesus from every side, but her believing touch pulled the power of God from Him into her body and she was healed. In a crowd that size, there had to be so many that needed that same healing power. But only she had the touch of faith.

Smith Wigglesworth, the noted English evangelist, said that when you’re believing God, it seems as though He will pass over a million people just to get to you. Need doesn’t move the hand of God. But faith pulls on His awesome power. Faith is the conduit that God’s power travels on into your life.

With God all things are possible. All things are possible to him who believes. Healing comes through faith. Not hoping that one day things will be better, but by believing that right now God has done and is doing what He promised.

Faith never looks to the future to receive what God has provided. Hope longs for the day of deliverance. Faith acts as though the work has already been done. It talks of the victory and gives thanks for the answer while symptoms rage.

Faith takes the place of what you are believing God for until it manifests. Faith is as happy and joyful before the results can be seen and felt as it is when the manifestation comes. It’s almost anti-climactic. Faith is as sure of the results as it would be if they were already manifested.

Believing you receive is the key to results. Give yourself a faith check-up today. Are you believing and acting as though you had the healing right now. Or are you looking to some unknown date in the future for the manifestation. Faith sees it now. Hope looks in the distance. Faith is excited and joyful, full of praises now. Hope longs for the day of deliverance.

Add faith to your foundation of hope and you’ll be like the woman in the crowd. As you stand in faith, praising, thanking, speaking, and acting as though you had what you asked for, one day the Father will drop the manifestation on you. The Father is looking for your faith today.

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