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Back in Civilization

Bruce and I returned to Addis today. We had great meetings in Southern Ethiopia. The believers were stirred! The pastors eagerly received the Word. I spoke to them about keeping their eyes on Jesus through the Word and gave them examples of Noah, Abraham, and Paul as those who had their vision changed by God in a dramatic way. In life, what you see is what you get! We become what we focus on. That’s the reason we must keep our focus on Jesus! Our focus determines our destiny!

I also spoke to the pastors about walking by faith and believing you receive to have prayer answered.

On Saturday, we had great evangelistic meetings with maybe a thousand in attendance. The crowds were way down because of Easter being this past Sunday in Ethiopia! I preached on being ready to die on Saturday morning, relating what the scriptures say about life after death for the saved and the lost. I told a personal story of a car accident at age 16 that brought me to a reality check as my whole life flashed before my mind in a second of time. I then related the story of the rich man and Lazarus. The crowd was very attentive as I ministered. When I gave the altar call to the mostly church going crowd, about 100 responded and fell to their knees crying out for salvation. I’ll show you the pictures when I get back. It was an electric moment.

On Saturday afternoon I preached on the baptism with the Holy Spirit, and at least 150 responded to receive! We had an awesome time as the Holy Spirit fell on them as we prayed together! We then had a wild time of worship as they danced, shouted, ran, and praised!

On Sunday, we preached in a church in a neighboring city. We had to change our scheduled evangelistic meeting on Sunday due to it being Easter Sunday in Ethiopia! Yep, they are different than the rest of the world here!

On Sunday night, we met with Meberatu, who is the person we support who over sees the churches in Western Ethiopia that are Victory Fellowship Churches. Without giving much detail for now, let me just say that Bruce and I had to invoke some spiritual discipline on him in a matter, and decided to cancel the meetings we had scheduled with him in the Western Churches. I’ll give the details when I get home.

So, here it is Monday, and Bruce and I are headed home early. We’re in a hotel in Addis, and are waiting for our return flights to be confirmed! I hope to be home by Wednesday afternoon! Believe with me!

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