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An Unusual Experience I Had In Prayer This Past March

At Victory Church we have prayer meeting every Saturday from 9:00 to 10:00 A.M. On Saturday, March 21, 2015, we were praying as we normally do, and the Holy Spirit came upon me. I had been praying in the spirit for about 30 minutes, and the anointing to prophesy rose up within me. As I prayed in the spirit, I began to have the interpretation of what I was praying rise up within me. I intuitively knew that God wanted to speak something to all of us that were there, so I gathered those praying together, and asked someone with a recording device to record what I was about to say.

The following is the prophecy God gave me that morning. I have not wanted to make this public, because I felt that it was for the people that normally pray with us on Saturdays. But I do believe that the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage will produce what you will read in this prophecy. And I believe that we all need to take heed to it.

Our nation and world is undergoing a quick transformation. It’s the spirit of antichrist is belligerently working against the church of Jesus Christ, and against the nation of Israel right now. I believe that we will soon see the manifestation of a leader in the Middle East that will bring a pseudo peace to that region between Israel and its enemies.

As Christians, we need to prepare for what is coming. I submit to you the following prophecy that God gave in March with the prayer that it will stir a prayer passion in us, and will move us to prepare for what is ahead.

Tongues and Interpretation (Prophecy)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

For you will be the witnesses of the end of the age, and as I called Israel of old, and I called those that would be watchmen on the wall, [those] who would hold their peace not day or night as they supplicate and as they watch for the souls of men, so I’m raising up an army in this hour of those that will listen, those that will hear, those that will be sentries as it were. Watching, watching, waiting, watching, waiting, brooding over [things that are happening] and making [spiritual] preparation. For there is a spiritual preparation that is currently being made for [there is change that is coming.]

There is a change that will come that you’ll see, that will be very apparent, much like in the natural world as you see a front coming. A front, the tumultuous clouds, the darkness, the blackness, and then when the front comes, the wind, the rain. It changes the atmosphere. Everything is affected by it. There’s coming a front, there’s coming a spiritual front, for you see – [we’re] changing from the age of grace and we’re moving into the age of the judgement of all things.

This has been prophesied and will occur and no believer should be concerned about what I do in this hour. For [this time has] been prophesied by my ones (speaking of the prophets of the Old Testament). It’s been prophesied by my sentries of old that this time would come and this time would be at hand. And now you will see it unfold, and the preparations are already underway.

For [there will be a] changing of the guard, for [there will be a] change of the way things are done. For there’s been a looseness and laxness that has entered my people, but it shall be no more. Let those that walk with Me, walk with Me strongly, and those that compromise will find themselves hindered, and they will go backwards, and [many] could fall by the wayside.

But I’m calling the sentries [those that pray] to rise up, to rise up and to help them [those that compromise] and to minister to them. Oh this will be a time of great tumult. It will be a time of decision, it will be a time of darkness, and as that front so to speak goes through, then the atmosphere changes behind the front. That will be, that will happen, you see, we’re changing from the age of grace [into] the age of judgement.

During that change time, it will be a time that many will not understand what is happening, and many will say nah, nah, nah we’re just [going] do things as they have been done, we’re [going] to talk the way we’ve been talking, walk the way we’ve been walking, work the way we’ve been working, [having] leisure the way we’ve been doing that. But it will be different here now, and you will see that there will come a persecution. No one needs to be concerned about [the persecution] because I have grace for everything that I’ve called my people to do.

There is a coming persecution. There will be those that will be required to lay their lives down for me. Those that walk in that vein will know it and they will be prepared for it and my grace will be upon them. There will be those that will not have such sacrifice, but there will be those none the less that will be persecuted more than they have ever seen, understood, or known. [They will be] thrown aside, put to the side, because you see, this world does not know Me, does not recognize My ways, My goings or My doings and so there’ll come a separation of the wheat and the tares. [There will be] those that know Me, and those that do not know Me. [There will be] those that have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof. They shall surely fall into ever [increasing] deception, but My people will not. For those that know their God will be strong and they will do exploits.

So be aware that things are changing and will continue to change, but you don’t have to be concerned [worried] about the change. When you see uprisings, when you see tumults, when you see things that you never in your life seen, even in this nation, don’t be afraid and don’t let it deter you from the purpose I have for your life. Keep walking as normally as you can, doing what you know to do. But be a person of prayer, be a person of faith, be a person of integrity, and be a person of non-compromise.

For [as] I also spoke of my servant Joel, [I] will arise in the last days [and] there will be a mighty move of My Spirit. I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. So you’ll see both the darkness and the light. You’ll see both the good and you will also see the evil. You’ll see the tumult, and you’ll also experience the peace. And so walk with Me and let your life be upright and be one of those that will be one of the sentries [prayers], the watchman on the wall, those that will take to task, the burden, sometimes of a family, sometimes of a church, sometimes of a region, sometimes of a city, sometimes of individuals who will spend their life in eternity in hell unless someone stands in the gap.

Be those that are willing to make a sacrifice of pleasure, a sacrifice of time, a sacrifice of leisure moments, to get alone with Me. These are the days that heaven and earth will be shaken and everything that can be shaken will be shaken. But that which cannot be shaken will remain and that is My kingdom. And I’m calling you to be [set apart] and I’m calling you to a little higher level, no, not a little, but a lot. So see, I’m calling you to be a sentry and watch, and wait, and pray, and look, and one day the King will appear.

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