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An Established Heart

Psalm 112 explains the blessings of the person who chooses to be a doer of the word. This is the person who has an established heart. An established heart is not blown by the winds of adversity. It is not motivated by fear but by faith in God’s unfailing promises. It has the patience to stand its ground when tests and difficulties come. It doesn’t cast away its confidence, but knows that being a doer of the Word brings results (Hebrews 10: 35-36). A person with an established heart will attract the blessings of God upon His home and his family. His obedience will affect his family for generations to come. The established heart gives generously and is kind and considerate of others. It is not moved when difficulties come because it is grounded in the Word. The person with an established heart is a light and example for others to follow. He gives encouragement to the faint and to the weak, and becomes a source of hope in times of great need.

An established heart gives a sense of righteousness, peace, joy, hope, rest, health, and prosperity. An established heart breeds optimism in the darkest test. It is surer of the promises of God’s Word than the rising sun! Your heart becomes established by daily meditating on, confessing, and practicing the Word. Take time today to establish your heart in the Word. You’ll gain inward strength and outward stability. The blessings of God will be upon you, and you will be a source of light and aid to all around you.

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