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We’re in Addis!

Well, it took us over 30 hours, but we’ve finally arrived in Addis Ababa. It’s now 5 AM here on Friday morning, and we’re 7 hours ahead of you in the States, so it’s 10 PM Thursday night your time. We’ve just checked into the hotel. We’re exhausted but fine. After I clean up a bit, it will be time for some sleep! I’m particularly excited about brushing my teeth, since my tooth brush and I haven’t met since Raleigh! We will meet Meberatu today and make the final plans about all the ministry. Then we will go buy some essentials for the trip down south (bottled water and some food). We will lease a 4 wheel drive vehicle (probably a Land Rover) for our trip. We’ll leave Saturday morning for Southern Ethiopia. It’s great to know when you’re this far from home, that underneath you are the Everlasting Arms! I’ll check in later today. My pillow is calling me!

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