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Today We Celebrate The Love Of God For Us All

Today we celebrate the love of God for us all. Without the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, we would have no hope for now, no solution to life’s challenges, and a bleak future. 

God created us to fellowship with Him. His heart yearning was for a human family that He could love and who would love Him and desire to be with Him. In the original creation, the earth was perfect, and human life was endless and beautiful. There was no sin, no sickness, no death, no strife, no hatred, no pride, no lust, no war, no lack, and no need.

When God’s first man and woman, Adam and Eve, choose rebellion over humility, and self-centeredness over fellowship with God, the bright world God created was plunged into darkness. As time has progressed, that darkness has grown darker still.  

With Jesus Christ, the virgin born God-Man, comes hope, forgiveness, restoration, life, peace, joy, favor, blessing, light, grace, healing, resurrection, heaven, freedom, and life purpose. Jesus brought the light of love and forgiveness into a sin darkened world.

The potential for fellowship and close relationship with a Holy God is made possible to us by Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself for us in His death and resurrection two thousand years ago.  

God desires to minister to each one of us today. Some have life and family changes that bring heavy emotions and acute internal pain during holidays. If that is you, I pray that the Father would enable you to let go of the past, and reach out to Him for comfort and help. He is always available and present. God wants to help you live in the present, and enjoy Him more than anything in life. Listen to A.S. Ways translation of Philippians 4:11: No, I have learned in whatever condition I am, to be independent of circumstances. I am schooled to bear the depths of poverty, and I am schooled to bear abundance. In life as a whole, and all its circumstances, I have mastered the secret of living – how to be the same amidst repletion and starvation, amidst abundance and privation. I am equal to every lot through the help of Him who gives me inward strength. 

Many of you have lots of family and fellowship that you will enjoy today. Don’t take your family for granted! All that we are and have is by the Grace of God. Children will open gifts today with excitement and joy. We will enjoy the company of family and friends over a meal together. Let’s also take time today to thank God for His goodness and mercy, and for His gift of Jesus, the Christ Child, the anointed One who frees us from sin and guilt, and restores hope in our future.

Susan and I will enjoy being with our four children and their spouses this week. And, we will enjoy seeing our five grandchildren. Our house will be filled with laughter and sometimes chaos as all the toddlers scurry around!

May you experience God’s peace, His love, and His joy today!

From our hearts to yours – MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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