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The River

This is a prophecy the Lord gave me during our Wednesday night service this past Wednesday, January 12th, 2011. It needs no explanation, I’ll just let it speak for itself: There’s a river flowing from My throne. And that river is flowing into the earth. It’s a river that’s in the realm of the spirit. It’s not a river that you can see. It’s not always a river that you can feel. But it’s a river that flows from Me. And in that river is life. And in that river is victory. And in that river is deliverance. And in that river is joy. And in that river is peace. And in that river is all that you need and all that I ask you to do. If you’re dry, if you’re parched, if you’re thirsty, come to the water and drink. And I will give you freely. You can step your toe in. You can put your ankle in. You can go knee-deep. You can go waist-deep. But if you’ll trust Me, I’ll give you waters to swim in. And if you’ll step out in the water, and you’ll let yourself go, you’ll see that I’ll work the problems out in your life. You can do it two ways: You can either do it by yourself, and you can struggle, and you can strain, and you can grunt, and you can have a hard time. Or you can throw yourself on Me, and throw yourself on My promises. And I promise you I will carry you. This is a day, this is a day of great darkness and tests and trouble and trial. But it is also a day for My glory to be displayed. Arise, shine, your light has come. The glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Darkness does cover the earth, and gross darkness the people, but I’m shining My light on you. And I’m beckoning you to come to that river. I’m beckoning you to stick just one toe in and see how it feels. And you’ll see the more you give Me, the more I’ll pour Myself on you. This can be a year of new beginnings if you want it to be. Come and walk with Me. And one day you’ll be like Enoch. You will not be; I’ll take you.

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