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Right Thinking, Believing, And Speaking All Go Together!

It’s right thinking, right believing, and right speaking, that will lead us into victory in our lives. The first thing that we must correct is our thinking. We are to think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, positive, and worthy of praise (Philippians 4:8). If our thinking is right, then our believing will be right. And if our believing is right, we’ll speak what we believe.

Words are so important. Your success or failure today will be determined by the tenacity of your confession in the hard place. You may feel and experience all kinds of negative things in life, but it’s important to say out loud what you really believe during these times!

Even if it seems like the Word isn’t real and it isn’t working for you, it’s important to say it anyway! Perhaps you’ve heard someone say, that person has said that so much that they really believe it! Well, the truth is that you can “school” yourself into believing by saying something over and over again.

Meditate on the Word in the area of challenge you face, and then start confessing out loud what God’s word says about your situation. At first, you may not seem to believe it, but just keep on saying it. Sooner or later your words will register on your heart, and you’ll begin to believe what you say. You’ll notice a quickening on the inside, and joy will rise in your spirit! I’ve used this principle so many times in a hard place.

Many years ago, in the early years of our marriage, Susan and I faced a financial challenge. It seemed as though lack dominated us! I felt trapped and defeated every day! On an index card, I wrote out scriptures that promise God’s blessings on those that obey Him and to those who give.

I meditated on those scriptures every day and began to repeat them out loud. And I would say every day, Father I thank you that we have not only enough money to meet our own needs, but we have enough to give away! I said this over and over again.

Slowly my thinking and believing changed, and I saw myself as a blessed person with every need met and with excess to give. And what I said came to pass! The Lord has blessed us, and our needs are met, and we’re able to give and bless others. God’s Word never fails. He watches over His Word to perform it. Give Him something to watch over today. Start saying what you want to believe, and sooner or later you’ll believe it. And sooner or later, you will also see it!

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