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Persecution Time

Well, we had to cancel our plans for a village crusade tonight. Seems that someone told the local authorities what we’re doing, and our friend here got a call of inquiry today. Just to be safe, we must cancel the meeting. We are in no danger, but we don’t want to jeopardize what God is doing here.

This is from an e-mail Bruce just sent out to his supporters: We are having remarkable meetings and remarkable moves of God often result in remarkable opposition. Religious fundamentalists are not very happy with daily salvation, healing and deliverance that are being experienced. While we are not in any danger, there is the possibility of some consequences resulting from the outdoor meetings. I apologize for not being able to go into much detail as there is also the probability that our email is monitored. Therefore, following this message, I will not check email until after returning home late this week. In the interim, please pray for continued success and, of course, safety in all we do.

We will be leaving very early on Tuesday morning (Monday night your time), and I will try to post again after we reach our destination. Like Bruce, I just need to give you the details later, just in case this is being monitored.

This is all the more reason we appreciate so much your praying for us! God is doing some really great things here, and it stirs persecution. Thank God for the Blood, the Word, and THE NAME. I hope to post again tomorrow and update you.

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