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Our Awesome God Showed Himself Today

I have a testy connection here, so I’ll be brief! We had an awesome day on Sunday. We crossed the border into Goma from Rwanda early and I preached in a church in the city. A great time of worship, and they just soaked up the Word!

After a brief lunch, we headed for the refugee camps which are located at the base of an active volcano. This thing erupted just a few years ago and covered the place in lava. It’s hard to walk on! What a setting! The refugees are displaced from the war with the rebels. They have little food, and little hope. It’s heartbreaking to see all this. I will bring you to tears to see the families in little make shift huts made of straw and covered with tarps to keep out the rain. Children play on the grounds here, which is nothing more than hard, cutting lava rock. There are tens of thousands of people in the refugee camp where we went. And thousands of make shift homes dot the landscape as far as you can see.

Our crusade was on a platform in the middle of the camp with the volcanic mountain looming over us in the distance. The speakers are blaring as the praise team sings from their hearts and dance with utter abandon.

Then the rain begins as Bruce preaches his heart out and confronts the people with their sinfulness, the reality of hell that will come if they don’t repent, and of the salvation offered through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. There were perhaps as many as 10,000 in the crowds that were watching. When the altar call was given, well over 2000 responded for salvation. It was awesome! Joy erupted when the salvation prayer concluded. Man is this fun!

Then a mass prayer for the sick and afflicted was offered. God’s power fell on us. You could feel it in the atmosphere. He loves these people so much! I would say hundreds were healed. Again, joy erupted. We had time for only a few testimonies from those who were healed. Several cripples were healed. People were astounded by God’s love and power. Absolutely amazing!

We had to leave abruptly so we could cross the border before it closed. We will return there today. It’s 6:30 AM on Monday as I write this. I must prepare to teach pastors this morning in the refugee camps, and we will hold another crusade this afternoon. Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying. This is not a walk in the park. It’s tough!

I’ll be back in touch when I return today!

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