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Off To Ethiopia!

This afternoon at 5:30 David Whitacre, Kevin Ross, and I leave for Ethiopia. We will finally arrive there your time around 7:00 PM on Tuesday Evening. It will be Wednesday morning in Ethiopia. They are eight hours ahead of us there. After just a few hours of rest, we will then travel to southern Ethiopia. It’s an eight hour trip. We will conduct a pastor and leader’s conference on Thursday and Friday, and then an evangelistic meeting there on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday afternoon (November 4th) we will travel to a city named Sheshmani, and then on Monday we will arrive in Gerero and conduct a leader’s conference. On Tuesday we will travel to Ajeba for another leader’s conference. We have many churches in this area, and it’s important that we minister to them. We have a Beacon University Institute of Ministry school (BU:IOM) in this area, and many of the leaders attend. In fact, we use the material from BU:IOM to help train them. The angels of God have gone before us to prepare the way for safe travel. We’ve been praying for the leaders to receive a spirit of wisdom and revelation in he knowledge of Him, and I’m expecting a great spiritual stirring among the church leaders. There will be hundreds of pastors and leaders at the conference in southern Ethiopia, and I’m expecting a large crowd of leaders in our western Victory Fellowship church leader conference in Gerero and Ajeba. The evangelistic campaigns will be exciting. Thousands of people attend these events, along with their children, cows, goats, sheep, and donkeys. I believe that many will be born again, Spirit–filled, and healed! Please pray for these meetings, for the people’s hearts to be open, for the Word to be received, and for them to be born again. I will miss my wife Susan and my kids! And I’ll miss being with my wonderful church family! We return on Thursday, November 8th, at 11:00 PM. I will blog as much as possible while I’m gone. Let’s believe for God’s best this week!

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