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Off to Ethiopia!

I’m leaving for Ethiopia today at 1:20 pm. This is my 10th trip to Ethiopia. We’ll be conducting a pastor’s conference in southern Ethiopia and an evangelistic crusade there as well. The people are always eager to hear the Word of God preached and have such a simple faith. Miracles of healing just flow as you pray for the sick. These folk don’t let their head get in the way of heart belief!

I’ll arrive in Ethiopia around 4:30 am Eastern Time here in the States. That’s a long time to be without prone sleep! We arrive in Addis around noon on Wednesday. After an afternoon of rest and a good night’s sleep we will leave for southern Ethiopia on Thursday morning. It’s a 7 to 8 hour trip. Friday we will conduct the pastor’s conference and on Saturday and Sunday we will conduct an evangelistic crusade.

On Monday, we will travel to minister in our churches in Western Ethiopia on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday the 30th, we will travel back to Addis for our trip home.

Please believe with me for an outpouring of the Spirit on these precious pastors and for many to be born again, spirit-filled, and healed during the evangelistic crusades.

My pastor’s heart already misses everyone! I’ll blog as much as possible during the trip. I have wi-fi access at airports and in Addis, but very little access when we head south. Just keep checking in and I’ll post as often as possible and keep you updated!

Thanks for praying!

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