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My 27th Missions Trip

I’m leaving early this afternoon for India. I will meet Bruce in London and then we will travel on to India,and then board a connecting flight the the city where we will minister.

We will conduct a pastor’s conference Thursday through Saturday. Many of these pastors have had no opportunity for formal Bible school training, so the conference is a huge experience of learning for them. I’ll be ministering on how to activate God’s power in your life and ministry. I’ll preach on the baptism with the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, and love and unity.

At night we will hold evangelistic meetings in small villages. Please pray with us that the hearts of the people will be open to hear and receive the gospel.

Bruce and I will begin our trip home next Tuesday, and I’ll be home early Thursday morning just past midnight.

Thanks to those who pray for us. Your prayers make a huge difference.

I’ll tweet and blog as technology is available over the next few days.

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