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Leaving for Vijiyawada Today

As I write, it’s 7:30 AM Chennai time on Wednesday morning and 10:00 PM (Tuesday night) your time in the States.

I’ve been able to rest a bit after the long trip! We hope to get our luggage today before we leave for Vijiwada. We should be leaving some time around mid-day. We have a meeting planned for tonight.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we toured a Hindu temple with it’s gaudy looking gods. It’s so wonderful to be free from the control of darkness. These folk live in fear, and go to the temple to present gifts of flowers and fruit to the gods to appease them. How great it is to know the love of the Father and the freedom that we have in Christ. Our relationship with the Father is based on love and acceptance. What a contrast!

Please pray for our evangelistic meeting tonight. We’re expecting results! We begin the pastor’s conference tomorrow. I’ll be speaking of The Practical Exercise of Spiritual Authority Against Demonic Forces. Pray the prayers in Ephesians 1:17-23 and 3: 14-20 for these pastors.

Thanks for praying for safe travel and effective ministry for us! I’ll be in touch!

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