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Grace for the Journey

For a choleric person like me that enjoys accomplishments and checking off my to-do list, days that don’t follow some sort of schedule have been miserable in my past. Now I’m learning that off schedule days often show me that God is up to something in me. I’ve learned not to be “moved” by these kinds of days! I’m learning to be flexible with my life and my thoughts. I’m learning that Jesus is my Sovereign Lord and He knows ahead of time what’s coming down the pike for each day of my life. My days are not about “my plans” but about loving Him and honoring Him in all things and loving and honoring others in all things. Remember that we’ve not been saved by grace to live by works! Rest in the Father’s care today, and if things don’t go according to schedule, remember that this is a great opportunity to see God’s sovereign hand work in your life. No, I have learned in whatever condition I am, to be independent of circumstances. I am schooled to bear the depths of poverty and I am schooled to bear abundance. In life as a whole and all its circumstances, I have mastered the secret of living – how to be the same amidst repletion and starvation, against abundance and privation. I am equal to every lot through the help of Him who gives me inward strength. (Philippians 4: 11-13 – A.S. Way) Come with me on the journey to freedom from the flesh, from the rule of emotions, and from the domination of circumstances!

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