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A Word From the Lord

The Lord gave me a tongue and interpretation during our 2.14.2009 Saturday night service. My secretary has transcribed the interpretation. I’ve had several folk ask for this, so here it is.

In these challenging days, the Lord has committed to care for us. We can trust Him with all that we are and all that we have. Regardless of what you’re facing in life, commit yourself to your Father. He has made a covenant with you and promised to provide for your every need.

Interpretation of tongue – Pastor Mitch Horton 2.14.2009:

For you will be infused with my power. For this will be a day of light, and yet darkness. It will be a day of judgment, yet mercy. It will be a day of power, and yet great, great, great struggle. For you are living in a time that the opposing forces of good and evil, of my kingdom and my enemy, have joined, and there will be a struggle. They have joined in a battle that will not be delayed. The things that my prophets have spoken will surely come to pass. And you find yourselves in this era of time. I have placed around you a bubble of my glory, an endowment of my presence, a protection from my guardian angels. And no enemy will be able to harm you if you’ll simply abide in the shadow of my wing. The place of surrender is the place of protection. The place of surrender is the place of power. The place of surrender is a place where you will do exploits for me. I’ll call you to pray, and then I’ll answer the prayer when I deem it’s right( just at the right time). So be those that are submitted and yielded, for I will infuse you with my strength.

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