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A Comment About Ministry on Sunday

Someone left me a comment about my message on Sunday that I would like to address. Their comment was basically wondering why I had people come up and pray when the Lord has already promised to prosper us. This person mentioned that the scripture is clear that if you give you will receive; God’s promises work, so the inference was why do you need to spend time praying and believing for something that God has already promised?

This past Sunday, I had people come for prayer for jobs, and I asked the business people to come up front if they owned a business. I talked briefly about exercising personal faith for a job, and for the Lord to prosper your business ventures. I gave examples from my own life of the Lord honoring His word when I stepped out to receive a job. And I gave examples of how I have incrementally trusted the Lord to increase our weekly finances here at Victory as well as our attendance.

I mentioned that you’re going to believe something about everything in life, so why not believe for more rather than believing for nothing. The person who commented to me mentioned that doing this is like praying to consume it own your own lusts as mentioned in James 4:2. A person who responds to what I did on Sunday in this manner obviously has a shallow understanding of the principles of faith in God.

I mentioned on Sunday that when I believe for a job, I get specific with the Lord and believe that I receive before it looks like I have the answer.

I also mentioned on Sunday that I pray in faith for our church finances, and I ask for more than is currently coming in, and I stand in faith until it comes. I also mentioned in both praying for a job and in praying for the Lord to prosper your business that I command the angels of God to go and cause the finances to come in. I’ve been doing this for many years now.

I started praying for a business the Lord led me to start in this manner many years ago, and the Lord prospered it greatly. And I pray the same way for our ministry here now. Please understand that when you do this, you must also be living right, and you must be obeying the principles of giving clearly mentioned in scripture.

Hebrews 1:14 A.S. Ways translation reads: The angels! – what are they all but servants, spirits who render service to God, who are hour by hour being dispatched on errands of ministration for the help of us who are destined to have salvation as their heritage. Psalms 103:20 reads: Bless the Lord, you His angels, who excel in strength, who do His Word, heeding the voice of His Word.. The angels of God work behind the scenes for us as we trust God and speak His Word.

I encourage you to trust the Lord as you walk with Him. Believe for His best in your life and circumstances. Set your goals high as you walk with God. All things are possible to him who believes.

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